Advance Fishing





Advance Fishing is an emerging company in the sector of accessories for the world of Carpfishing.

Advance's goal has always been to introduce new technologies for this type of fishing.
The study, design and construction of our products is carried out completely in Italy at our company, personally checking all the production phases, thus eliminating errors and unnecessary hand-over to be sure of the final quality of what is put on the market .

In 2020 the Advance Fishing group tightens a strong collaboration with Wolf International, company of the son of the founder of Fox, sold by his father in 2014, born from the desire to return to the tradition of the Fox family by creating innovative, well-designed and iconic products. With it, all Advance branded products are presented in the world with a new packaging distributed directly by Wolf International, while in Italy we will be distributing, in addition to our products, also those of Wolf.

The collaboration, now close in 2017, continues with the leading yarn company in the fishing sector, Katran Fishing Line, which for many years has been producing and distributing its products in more than 25 countries around the world. Katran boasts more than 50 types of articles with braided, monofilaments and fluorocarbon, both for reel and for the realization of terminals and shock leaders.

Also in 2017 we see the birth of S-Line carp food, the part of Advance aimed at baits, with recipes created directly by the Advance Fishing Team.