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Boiles 3 kg


Boilies characterized by a rich selection of products, such as pre-digested and pre-cooked fish meal, combined with refined spices that make it extremely attractive, but at the same time light for the digestion of fish. Inside the mix there is also a liquid part rich in hydrolysates and liquid food, expertly mixed, which allow the boiles to stand out even in foul-smelling backdrops, where persistence and durability must be noticed. These boilies simply represent a bait
and a complete food source.

Amino acids present: histidine, felilalanine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, proline, arginine, ac. aspartic, serine, ac.glutamic and cystine. Vitamins: A, E, B1, B2, PP, C.

The cooking is carried out at a controlled temperature, in a convection oven, which allows to regulate the escape of steam in a stable and constant way, without having to reach 100 degrees, where many organoleptic and nutritional properties are altered. The boiles are much more attractive and palatable, guaranteeing the exchange of all the substances added in the mix, with water. These substances are amino acids, hydrolysates, flavors, oils and sweeteners.

This line includes Hook Baits, a mixed jar of simple soft sinking boiles (50%) and highly resistant and lightened trigger boiles hard (50%): both with a rich mix of amino acids, vitamins and liquid attractors. Designed to guarantee the fisherman the right choice of bait to be used according to the spot identified. They guarantee quick fishing entry and long life thanks to the lower permeability. The high compactness also allows good resistance to attack by disturbing fish. We also find the Balanced Dumbells that follow the composition of the hook baits, but guarantee a perfectly balanced presentation. Each flavor of the Fish protein line is complete with DIP, Liquid food, Stick mix and Method mix.


MAVERIK: Boilies with a high percentage of Robin Red and krill, with the addition of essential oil to garlic which makes it unique. Formed from corn flour, micronized toasted soybeans, semolina, TTX, hydrolyzed, amino acids, hemp, pastoncino, Robin Red Haith's, krill, aroma (squid and garlic), whole eggs.

Nutritional values: PROTEIN 28%, FAT 4%, CARBOHYDRATE 52%


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