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Liquid Food, a new devastating mixture, specifically formulated to attract fish to the desired / pastured area and provoke a competitive reaction for feeding. Dense and creamy liquid, absolutely natural, extracted from noble raw materials (salmon, tuna, krill, chicken, mussels, corn, tigernuts), whose organoleptic quality remains unchanged. Extracted from the incredible attractive and stimulating power, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and appetizing substances that induce carp to eat beyond all limits. This low carbohydrate attractor will be able to enhance any mix from a protein point of view and will be devastating if used to wet boiles, method, stick mix, particles and
pellets. It is recommended to shake well before use. 100% PVA FRIENDLY.

MAX dosage 500ml X 1,5kg of dry mix / boilies / particles.


MONSTER SPICES: Boilies rich in fishmeal and precious spices, with a salty taste. Composed of corn flour, micronized toasted soybeans, semolina, breadcrumbs, mash, hemp, herring 999, paprika, chilli pepper, hydrolyzed liver, hydrolyzed fish, milk powder, salt, aroma (monstercrab), whole eggs.

Nutritional values: PROTEIN 30%, FAT 4%, CARBOHYDRATE 46%.


cod. 2050136617