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Boilies 3 kg


Balanced and highly digestible mix characterized by the presence of water snails sweet, rapeseed and hemp, which contains all 8 essential amino acids. This mix it is suitable for short pastures and quantity pastures, ensuring a high level attractiveness and very high palatability without the risk of saturation of the fishing spot. Thanks to its characteristics it can also be used in winter sessions, where
carp metabolism is slower.

Nutritional values: 19% Protein, 3.61% Fat, 45% Carbohydrates.


The cooking is carried out at a controlled temperature, in a convection oven, which it allows to regulate the escape of steam in a stable and constant way, without having to reach 100 degrees, where many organoleptic and nutritional properties come altered. The boiles are much more attractive and palatable, guaranteeing the exchange of all the substances added in the mix, with water. These substances are amino acids, hydrolyzates, flavors, oils and sweeteners. This line includes the Hook Baits, jar mixture of simple soft sinking boiles (50%) and highly resistant priming boiles and lightened hard (50%): both from the rich mix of amino acids, vitamins and attractors liquids. Designed to ensure the fisherman the right choice of bait to use in depending on the spot identified. They guarantee fast and long fishing entry durability thanks to less permeability. The high compactness also allows one good resistance to attacks by disturbing fish. We also find the Dumbells Balanced that follow the composition of the hook baits, but they guarantee one perfectly balanced presentation. Each aroma of the Light food line is complete
DIP, Liquid food, Stick mix and Method mix.